Selfcare Courses Online

Inspired by our #SelfcareSunday series, our online selfcare courses allow you to enhance all dimensions of your wellness – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, and intellectual. We get feedback such as “I never did anything like this in my life.” Why? Perhaps its because we don’t come with user manuals and most of us tend to focus our energies outward, rather than on taking care of ourselves and really exploring and investing in our own wellness. Selfcare needs to rise to the top of the priority list, so we can be our very best out there in the world. We believe the answer is education & inspiration. We also believe “starting on purpose” will lay the foundation for enhanced wellness across the all dimensions.

Each course comes with 2 years of online access for individual use. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be growing this selfcare section throughout 2018.


Me on Purpose: Connect with Purpose in Just 6 Days!

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