Mini Foam Roller (PATENT PENDING)

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Whether you are looking for employee wellness products for your team or to keep yourself feeling great at your desk, our RistRoller® is worth checking out.

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After being on my feet at work yesterday, foam rolling the arches, balls and heals of my feet feel amazing. Thank you so much for your contribution to the world with this small yet very effective creation.

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Happy People Happy wrists, happy feet... Read more on RistRoller.com

Dr Rubina Tahir on My New Philly

Dr Rubina Tahir recently demonstrated how to use the soft RistRoller®, our mini foam roller made especially for sore wrists and hands!

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In addition to being a worthy desk companion at the office, RistRollers® are getting rave reviews from athletes and medical professionals from all over the world. Read More Testimonials on RistRoller.com!