Somatics: learn to RELAX pain away using practical neuroscience


Free yourself from chronic pain if you have it. Prevent it from ever occurring if you don't. 

A new approach to the same old pain

I used to show up to my practitioner and expect that I'd lay on their table and they would "fix" me. And some of that worked, but none of it lasted.

From Thomas Hanna's book Somatics:

"Somatics is reawakening the mind's control of movement, flexibility and health." Somatic educators are trained to teach voluntary control of involuntarily contracted muscles through use of the individual's neurology. 

Good. Not just for your muscles 

Somatic work relies on gentle deliberate movements so easy your grandma can do them. By the end of your session, you will feel relaxed in your body and in thoughts.  

Somatics is for every body!

No experience is required. Whether you've had aches and pains for multiple decades, or just recently started suffering from something new, somatics can help get you to where you want to be. 

Faster and longer lasting results

The aim of somatics is to reach your intended goals and give you the tools to thrive on your own in a more efficient and thereby faster amount of time.

Somatics is an active process 

Unlike other treatments that may be done "to" you, Somatic education is an active healing process done "WITH" you, meaning you will be involved every step of the way!

Use your brain to heal your body

Your brain wants everything on autopilot. Okay. Not "everything" but a lot of it.. An all time favorite brain energy saver is to create habits and leave our thinking brain out of the equation. Sometimes those "autopilot" habitual patterns can be quite unhelpful... And with the light bulb in the conscious part of our brain now turned off, we have what is called motor sensory amnesia (MSA). Somatics erases MSA and turn the metaphorical lightbulb back on so you can fire your motor units how YOU want to fire your motor units.

Somatics changed how I see everything

Hi! I'm Jade and I have scoliosis

Scoliosis taught me the meaning of invisible pain. My outward appearance in no way matched my internal experience. For a decade I had around the clock back pain, spasms lasting multiple hours and pain from sitting more than 20 minutes. It was severe enough to interfere with my life but not severe enough to operate on and “fix”. I tried just about everything and the best thing I could find was pain management... not pain resolution. Desperate for change, I came across Hanna Somatic Education. Within 20 minutes of Somatics I was healed and I have now resolved my scoliosis pain completely. How is that possible? Through gentle somatic movements, I was able to relax what I affectionately called a “brick” in my back. Muscles that are habituated to “tight” (or “brick) are actually re-firing to maintain the tensile strength all the time. By focusing on movements that involved slow, deliberate (and non habitual) motions I was able to reset my muscles like resetting a thermostat, or changing stations on a TV. With such dramatic results from my own personal experience I knew I had to study this and share it with others. 

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What People Say

I am so grateful to have met Jade, as she introduced me to Somatics. She helped me create a deeper understanding of my mind, body connection. During my sessions with Jade, she addressed all my concerns with compassion and understanding. Her presence is very calming and nurturing, I looked forward to each session. Since experiencing Somatics with Jade as my coach, my body feels lighter and more fluid. The pain I experienced in the past due to scoliosis has greatly diminished and I am looking forward to continuing my Somatics practice and knowing that Jade is there to help me and coach me, each step of the way is very encouraging.

Anna M.

Virtual Client

It can be hard to catch bad habits sometimes given their subtle nature to creep into our daily activities. It starts with a slight release of inconvenience or burden and the next thing you know you're leaving your cloths unfolded for days on end haha. I think the way we use our body on a daily basis is no exception to that. I severely sprained my wrist about 5 years ago and did what I could to allow it to heal properly. This included keeping it relatively immobile during work or at home. Years later and it just didn't feel the same way it used to. I would force a pop by twisting and pulling at my hand to try and relieve the stiff sensation that my wist had. It felt somewhat limp and visually had less articulation than my other wist. I decided to give Somatics a shot and was genuinely surprised by what it was able to accomplish in an hour of simple painless articulation of my wrist. Right after my session I was able to visually see better articulation without forcing it. My wrist had a stretching sensation to it whenever I used it past it's previous limitations which was really a breath of fresh air. Somatics really is just one of those practices that seem almost too simple to be true. It takes a bad habit that causes pain or discomfort in the body and simply reconfigures it to perform as it should. Couple that together with the psychological implications that this has for trauma related pain, and you have yourself a unimaginably valuable tool to keep through the chaos that life can sometimes bring. My wrist finally feels like it's performing as it should and I'm extremely grateful to have given Somatics a shot! 

Antonio B.

Virtual and In-Person Client