By participating or running any or all workshops, whether delivered live by the Emanant Wellness staff or by you or your team (in the case of our workshop kits), you agree to hold Emanant Wellness harmless in the case of injury, death, or any other negative consequence. You hold Emanant Wellness innocent, unaccountable, and unliable in the case of any legal consequences. You understand that the content and information on this website and/or delivered by Emanant Wellness staff is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Before exercising or foam rolling, participants should be encouraged (by you) to consult their physicians if  they have any injuries or pain, or if they think they may have an injury. They should additionally be encouraged (by you) to check with their medical professionals to be sure that it is appropriate for them to participate in wellness activities.

Additional Terms of Use for Paws 4 a Moment: By running this workshop, you release Emanant Wellness of all responsibility & accountability, and assume the responsibility of finding appropriate dog candidates (behavior-issue free), checking for dog allergies in humans, having participants sign disclaimers, and you assume the ultimate accountability in the case of injury and/or death.

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