Inner Game Boot Camp

21 Days: READY - SET - GOAL!

Presented by Jessika Jake, award winning instructor, author, and international speaker.

Pack 4 months of Progress into just 21 Days

READY (Week 1): Did you know that stress and fear decreases blood flow to the "smarty pants" and creative parts of your brain? It shuts off your "bestest brain" and we need your bestest brain ON and READY. That's why de-stressing and boosting your resilience is the first step. This first week is based on my book Ever-stressed: The L-A-U-G-H Model for Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode.

Why hear this from me? I'm a BioChemist turned Professional Development Trainer slash Edutainer. I was also a burntout sell-out. See below for my less than glorious moment of escape, aka my "unselling out." Yeah, so from ugly crying in front of the C-Suite to training the Air Force in Italy, my experience with career fulfillment spans the dark trials and luminous triumphs. And I'm still tapped into my science-geekery... So you will learn cool science-backed concepts.

SET (Week 2): Now that your brain is as beastly as it can be, we will look at what fulfills you -- connecting with purpose and core values. This week is about ALIGNMENT... that way, you will set yourself up to pick a worthy goal: a purpose-aligned goal.

Why hear this from me? Well, I am a certified Life Purpose Coach AND (you guessed it) I had to figure my own *stuff* out AND I used the Data-Info-Knowledge-Wisdom Model to do so. (I did mention my science geekery, didn't I?) The good news is, aside from a phone call, you have all the data you need. We are just going to organize the *heck* out of that data. It will be fun!

GOAL (Week 3): Firmly planted on the solid ground of values and purpose, we create a goal (or mini goal). We do a check that our mindset and "BE WHATs" are aligned as well: Beliefs, Energy, Words, Habits, Actions, Thoughts, and Stances. We talk Goal Setting & Getting... From big goals (multi-year), to smaller "chunks," and down to the nitty gritty.

Why hear this from me? Your BE WHAT's are your micro-moves & you-isms that your "invisible" mindset is linked to: beliefs, energy, words, habits, actions, thoughts and stances (physical, cognitive, and emotional). By aligning ALL. THE. THINGS. and making sure that your goals are in line with your purpose and values, you make the "visible" amazing: How you show up and the results you rock! I came up with BE WHAT'S so it would be easy for all my participants to keep these aspects straight.


Jam-packed with effective, hands-on content!

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Are you...

  • Overextended, overwhelmed, over-stressed... over it?
  • Feeling lost, or looking for more fulfillment, meaning or sense of purpose?
  • Heading for burnout and tired of telling yourself that you need to run yourself ragged in order to succeed?
  • Generally interested in having a better emotional "home base" and a bigger "WHY" that pulls you forward?
  • Looking to map out goals that are the right next steps for you?
  • Wondering why, for someone who has tried so many tactics, your still off the mark... or a little off the mark?

If any of the above sound like you, you are in the RIGHT PLACE! In fact, when you commit to this 21-day program you'll see IMMEDIATE changes -- the first of which just may be HOPE or the BELIEF that this can all be yours (and SOON)! It's true. I've been there too.

Normally priced at: ̶$̶8̶9̶7̶.̶0̶0̶* Today's price: $47.00

I was overworked, over-extended, overwhelmed and OVER IT. I said ENOUGH! ...Okay maybe I only said it in my head while ugly crying out of the office... But through science (positive psychology became my BFF) and wellness best practices (I'm now a certified wellness pro), I found my way back to sanity... peace... CALM... ME...

AND, I found direction forward that is ever-rooted in my core values and connection to purpose. My workplace project managery ways actually came in handy to set and break down my new goals -- personal and professional!

I've helped others do the same -- typically over the course of months -- but now I am distilling it all down to an easy + fun 21-Day boot camp.

I'm dedicated to getting you rapid results and making the experience fun, funny and engaging for you! If this ex-batsh*t New Yorker can do it, you can do it too!

Jessika Jake, M.S.

B.S. BioChem, WELCOA Certified, WELCOA Faculty, Master Coach, Brain Health Coach

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Today's price: $47.00



What will I actually be doing? What do I get? How long does it take each day?

Hmmm... That's a lot of questions! 😉

  1. Take an easy moment each day to watch a short video (typically 10 min or less); you well get an Email each day when new content is "unlocked"
  2. Do the accompanying work in your workbook (typically 20 min of less); these are FUN
  3. As you go about your day, try out the things you decided to try (YES! You will have options to choose from)
  4. As you go about your day, bring awareness and take note of anything that comes up, be it more answers for your worksheets or things you simply notice about yourself
  5. Connect! Email me with any questions you have, or to let me know how it is going and join the Facebook group if you would like (Please do!)

What you'll walk (skip, hop, and heel click) away with:

A better emotional "home base," ways to preserve this, and ways to get you back to this state when negativity's abyss pulls you in; If you start this challenge while burning out or while overwhelmed by stress, you will have 3 weeks of "escaping ever-stressed mode" under your belt

Increased resilience

A deeper connection with your core values, sense of purpose, what fulfills you and gives you meaning

Purpose-aligned goals, your goal breakdown, and first steps towards your first goal (plus the means to break down future goals too!)

Shifts in your "micro-moves" (aka BE WHAT's) so that your day-to-day, minute-by-minute, second-by-second tactics are in line with your goals

2 years access to your account online (download all the PDF's and save them, so you can personally use them again)

Let's Do This!

$ 47.00

You get the Best of the Best!

  • Our *magic* recipe for creating this 21-Day challenge was to take everything we have optimized over the last few years for our awesome live workshops and presentations and combine it all into a fun and digestible online challenge -- *valued at $897 when considering non-bundled pricing
  • We added in materials from Jessika's super-special Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor 2019 presentation "Escaping Ever-Stressed Mode: The L-A-U-G-H Model"
  • We made each day super simple and fun: Watch video, do worksheet!
  • Some of Jessika Jake's training awards and certifications:

Are you ready to up your

Inner Game?