Be the Truest You

Connect with your sense of purpose. Our DIY Coaching Course gives you access to the same program that we use with our 1-on-1 clients… at a fraction of the price! 

Me on Purpose! A mini-course on the bestest subject: YOU! 

Watch short videos 
Answer questions about yourself
Organize key findings 
Find the “sweet spot”

It’s fun & straightforward and takes just 7 days!

For the price of a single coaching session, you will be able to take the entire program!

How will this change my life… for realz? 

By understanding your values & sense of purpose, you will have a “check in” point for all decisions you make in life. You gain a spark in your soul & a shine in your eyes that helps the world be a better place. Yes, a happy, connected YOU walking around makes a big difference to the rest of us!

Do you seek meaning and fulfillment? 

There’s a saying: Don’t chase happiness, chase meaning. The good news is, that when you find meaning you are happier! And it’s a longer lasting kind of happy too! 

It’s totally fun, quick (& painless), & very hands on!  

Wondering what this actually entails? Read on!  

Take an easy moment out of your day, for 6 DAYS, to watch a short video & then answer some fun questions about yourself on your daily worksheet.You’ll also be building your “Wired & Inspired” Venn Diagram. That’s because your sense of purpose lives at the intersection of How You Are Wired and How You’re Inspired! The truth is that you already have access to all the clues you’ll need to explore purpose. We’ll just organize the clues into groups and have a looksie! For example, answering a bunch of questions let’s you understand your personality. Answering another will tell you your values. 

…With Surprising Health Benefits to Boot! 

Connecting with a sense of purpose has been shown to have these positive health benefits:

  • longer life (adds 7 years to your life expectancy)
  • healthier heart & brain
  • improved relationships
  • enhanced dedication to all aspects of your self-care  

“It was all right there. I was almost laughing because it was all right there. I feel so inspired, hopeful, and alive.” 


“This was great. I never did anything like this before in my life.”


Pricing for Every Pocket

Facilitate a Workshop 


teach it

This digital workshop kit comes with everything you need to run this program for a group of attendees at one place of business 

Live coaching via phone 


1-on-1 coaching 

Four 45 min PRIVATE phone coaching sessions are included (“Me on Purpose” coaching sessions)  

D.I.Y. Online Coaching 


access for 1 user

“Me on Purpose” online DIY Coaching Course 

Self-understanding is key to moving forward with the next right move. 


Meet the Author

Jessika Jake is a wellness practitioner and master coach who believes that when people feel awesome, they get on out there and do awesome. She’s been writing, teaching, and coaching in the domain of STEM and Wellness for almost 3 decades, winning awards from the ASTD and ISPI, and published by the Random House subsidiary, Learning Express, LLC. She’s know for creating fun and engaging workshops, workbooks, and rapid results coaching techniques that light the “wellness spark” in others, emboldening them to be: ever-improving, ever-fulfilled, ever-alive.

Jessika Jake, PMP, CSM
with Theodore 

Dog Concierge, B.S. BioChem, M.S. Instructional Tech, Certified Master Coach, WELCOA Certified, WELCOA Faculty, Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen University)