Me on Purpose




Explore your sense of purpose and reap the benefits, among which are:

  • longer life (adds 7 years to your life expectancy)
  • healthier heart
  • healthier brain
  • improved relationships
  • enhanced dedication to all aspects of your selfcare

What is your sense of purpose now? How can you deepen this? Where does it, or could it, emanate in your personal life, career, hobbies, and social relationships?

Your sense of purpose is found at the intersection of How you are Wired and How You’re Inspired. Reflecting and answering some questions about yourself and your preferences will help you connect with purpose more and more deeply. The course format is a series of short online videos that preface activities you will complete in your course workbook. Get more deeply connected with your sense of purpose in just 6 days!

You will have access to this course for 2 years, so you can come back every few months to revisit and further connect with purpose.

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