6 Day Challenge:

Me On Purpose!

An Online Course for Exploring Purpose

Selfcare Jumpstart: The Amazing Benefits of Connecting with Purpose

Explore your sense of purpose & you could reap the benefits, among which are:

  • longer life (adds 7 years to your life expectancy)
  • healthier heart & brain
  • improved relationships
  • enhanced dedication to all aspects of your selfcare
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What Does This Challenge Entail?

Take an easy moment out of your day, for 6 DAYS, to watch a short video & then answer some fun questions about yourself on your daily worksheet.

You'll also be building your "Wired & Inspired" Venn Diagram. That's because your sense of purpose lives at the intersection of How You Are Wired and How You're Inspired!

I Say YES! Let's Do This!

It's totally fun, quick (& painless), and very hands on. Use coupon code RISTROLLER to take this course for free!

Start on Purpose

We also make this experience a stress-free zone. We are not "finding our life's purpose" we are "exploring" purpose and "connecting" with purpose. With the stress off, there is fun to be had, and dots to be connected. So go, go...

When you check out, use the code RISTROLLER to take this course for free.

Do you accept this 6 day challenge?

Challenge Accepted!

Course by Jessika Jake

Co-Founder of Emanant Wellness

Jessika Jake is a wellness practitioner who believes that when people feel awesome, they get on out there and do awesome. So get out there ye awesome people, show up, shine, and self-care-fo-yourself!