Facilitate Wellness Workshops with these Ready-to-Go Workshop Kits

Are you passionate about wellness & being an agent of change? Yes? Then our workshop kits are right up your alley. They give you whatever balance of structure and creativity you're looking for: a workshop that's good to go out-of-the-box... or the ability to add your own flair and mix things up.

Workshop kit content (varies with individual kits) may include: PowerPoint presentation, video tours of the slide deck,  Challenge Cards that you can print and give out while everyone is excited during the workshop, resource lists, Email content, workshop handouts, workbooks, demonstration videos, PDF version of the script, scheduling tips, promotional flyers, and more.

Each kit comes with 2 years of online access, and workshop content may be used at one place of business for as long as you would like. If you are looking to teach our workshops at various locations, please contact us.


Paws 4 a Moment Workshop Kit: Clicker Training Eye Contact Helps Adoptability

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Start on Purpose Workshop Kit: Facilitate a Live Workshop

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