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Somatic Education

Has anyone ever told you to relax a muscle and you wondered how exactly you would go about doing that? It's common for our brains to forget how to control a muscle. But fear not! Somatics is the art and science of reteaching your body how to take back that control. It requires no fancy equipment, no pointy needles, no invasive treatments, it all comes from you. We offer individual and group somatic education.



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  • Connecting with Purpose (1 session)
  • Stress Less (1 session)
  • The ABC's of CBT  (1 session)
  • Foam Rolling Basics (1 session)
  • Beat Tech Neck (1 session)
  • Office Stretch (1 session)
  • Sitting is the New Smoking? (1 session)
  • Office Yoga (5 sessions)

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Featured Workshop

Foam Rolling Basics + RistRollers® to Keep!


Foam rolling is a great match for wellness at work! Even the traditional large rollers are lightweight and easy to store... and they make a big impact by alleviating soreness and reducing tightness. We'll demo foam rollers of varying sizes and densities, including the PATENT PENDING, tiny RistRoller®, and we'll leave behind RistRollers® for your team to enjoy!

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